BunkBots: The teddy-bear gets new family

Killer Robot Plush BunkBots Toy
BunkBots: L-O-V-E---M-E-!

Just some quick lines about the "BunkBots". They are no robots that smash things, fire lasers or are hard to program. Nope. They are made out of plush and can just look cute, are huggable and are fairly suitable for kids. Something like an offspring of the teddy-bear. Why do we need this? What is special about it anyway? There are many cute things out there. But... The BunkBots are meant pragmatically. The website says:

Humans love teddy bears, and stuffy sharks, and plush dinosaurs. These TOYS are cute and cuddly, but would you ever want to hug a REAL bear, shark, or dinosaur? Real animals would either eat you or just rip you to shreds with their razor sharp claws. So, BunkBots are just channeling that same toy-versus-real and love-versus-fear energy. Except, everybody knows that REAL robots would never eat you.

Check out this video for the "real shit" about this robots.

Thumbs up for evolving robots into culture, guys. Thanks Jason from BunkBots for the hint. They are on sale at ThinkGeek.

Hug Robot Plush BunkBots Toy

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