Formica: Cheap, small swarmbots at the 25C3

Formica: a simgle swarm is beeing equipped with a program. Picture (c) Formica/Jeff Gough

I was able to enjoy a good talk on a swarm-robot project called Formica at the 25C3 congress in Berlin. The formica bots are cheap and simple swarm robots, that use basic control- and communication mechanisms. Jeff Gough just said in the presentation:

The good thing about this swarmbots are: if you got 25 of them, it really will not matter if some of your robots will be temporaily out-of-function. The system as a whole will still be able to work.

The battery-life of the bots will last quite long: more than 2 hours if I remember it right. At least each of this cobot can be assembled for a price of about 15 Euro.

25C3 International Hackercongress at the bcc on the Alexanderplace in Berlin. Picture (cc) BY Security4all


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