Panasonic KAR: dishwashing robot

Small industrial robots for the household, this is something we spend on waiting for a long time, just without knowing it. This tiny operator sits in the kitchen and waits for used dishes, in order to put them into the dishwasher. Once again the University of Tokyo is involved into this project, but this time in cooperation with the Panasonic cooperation.

KAR is still a prototype and also not the fastest one, but he looks reliable. The robots uses 18 sensors for doing his job. If you like that industrial style at home, than there you go. Otherwise, you maybe would love the likely, but much more unreliable ReadyBot.


Tags: indoor, house, kitchen, industrial
Dec_29:2008 .020200 Comments(1)

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and then, how will bots be supposed to know which objects go to the dishwasher and which does not ? Identifying them from video might work ... I unfortunately see RFIDs coming as a cheap alternative ...

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