Mamoru: Robot to protect and search for the elderly

Senior-care-bot - a concept, that is far from beeing realized in Europe yet. But the Mamoru is something that even I had a use for, even if I am not something, that most people won't call "old". Why? The Mamoru from the Universe of Tokyo is a granny robots, that reminds the people, there they left their glasses, keys or something like this. Mamoru means "to protect" and this house-collegue should monitor and care for the people - and become an home-mate. Why just the elderly? Typical academic scenario. Although the surveillace aspect even I had a good use for this cure tiny bot. Last time I spend several days searching for my mobile, I had in the pocket all the time. The robots uses a wide-angle camera, and you have to register objects beforehand that Mamoru should care about.

Not very flexible anyway


Tags: care, elderly, monitor, indoor, home, surveillance
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