Jollbot - Jump'n'rolling robot

A new kind of robot has been developed by Rhodri Armour, a PhD student from the University of Bath. It uses some kind of gravity-jumping technique, in combination with a sphere construction to move forward and change direction. The construction weight less than one kilogram. The ball-construction is quite stable, because the robot "can't fall on it's side".

Rhodri Armour says about the robot:

Others in the past have made robots that jump and robots that roll; but we’ve made the first robot that can do both. In nature there are two main types of jumping: hopping, like a kangaroo, which uses its fine control and direct muscle action to propel it along; and 'pause and leap', such as in a grasshopper, which stores muscle energy in spring-like elements and rapidly releases it to make the jump.
We’ve made a robot that jumps in a similar way to the grasshopper, but uses electrical motors to slowly store the energy needed to leap in its springy skeleton. Before jumping, the robot squashes its spherical shape. When it is ready, it releases the stored energy all at once to jump to heights of up to half a metre.

Tags: research, biomechanics, locomotion, jump, outdoor
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