Magnapinna Squid lives in the deepest ocean

Robotists take inspiration from nature and this is nature hidden deep below the surface. The Shell Oil Company shot this video of a Magnapinna squid with "elbows" in the deepest depths of a drilling site in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Magnapinna lives two and a half kilometers below the sea-surface and is mostly unattended by cameras. The video here was shot by a monitoring camera from a ROV (remotely operated vehicle) from the Shell Company, that was working on its site. Magnapinna seems very strange, though. It got "elbow"-like tentacles, with very long "feet", as well as strange elephant "ears". Scientists do not take this contact between working robot and squid as a significant scientific breakthrough, since the Magnapinna squid is known for longer. The story itself, nevertheless, got some unusual poetry at least we like to enjoy. Read the whole story at National Geographic.


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