Catarpillar builds a heavy mining robot truck

Catarpillar Robot Truck

Yay, if you've ever wanted to drive a big truck, be sure, that robots had the same dream. Until now, because engineers at Caterpillar and informatics engineers at the Carnegie Mellon University are about to equip a huge mining truck with technology, to make it drive autonomous. This is not meant to be fun or research, they have some clear reasons in mind: improvement of safety, efficiency and productivity in order to reduce costs and increase availability. Japan company Komatsu already has some mining trucks rolling at the Gaby mine in Chile, but this caterpillar will by far be the biggest and strongest.

3,550-horsepower, 24-valve engine moving while up to 42 miles per hour. A weight of 700 tons with the ability to load 240 tons of mines. GPS keeps the tracking of this vehicles, while laser-scanners monitor the road and search for obstacles. The software they use will be an adaption of a competition entry at the DARPA Urban Challenge. Tony Stentz from Carnegie Mellon University said, that the "autonomous" technology is surely at it early stages and maybe will increase and get more popular and enhanced over the next 10 years. And it seems, that non-human environments like mines, are a good test- and playground to experiment with. Beware to meet this robot!


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