Mari Kimura: Violin vs. spooky robot Guitar

This could go on forever. String-artist Mari Kimura set up a system, some kind of Guitar Bot, that produces very odd sounds. The bot is triggered by the Violin play of Mari Kimura, while the sound is produced by guitar-like mechanics. Computer algorithms react to the sounds of the environment and by exact rules. The pitch of the four string-robots are shifted accordingly, but separate from each other, varied by moving bars. This sounds very like bending a string instrument, while it is playing. The bot is keeping its tones and motions - unique and shivering. While she is playing with the violin.

About the technical setup I quote Mari via Create Digital Music:

Behind the white box, there is a Mac and an audio interface. I am running a software MaxMSP, which is LISTENING to the pitch. loudness and the timing of the violin. The ‘patch’ I created in Max contains certain interactive instructions such as "listen to the E (highest open string on the violin)". For example in the beginning, if you listen carefully you notice when I play above E, it stops. Interactions change in predetermined time frames.


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