Recon Scout Robot: New designs in Axis- and Exploration-Robots

The "California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)" is testing a new kind of robot, that should be useful not only for the army. They follow a very unique design, are not much bigger then a grenade, can be moved by remote-control, are silent like a whisper and can record or transmit movies and pictures on its own.

The design approach is very unique, because the robot IS only one axis with two wheels, that has all the core functionality attached to the axis. The robot is turned on by pulling a pin. This should make the robot even good to handle on situations, when soldiers are wearing gloves. The lack of an on/off switch will also benefit in such situations, when the robot is falling, what could hit the off-button incidentally. The robot can be controlled by a handheld device from remote, that has a build in monitor. It provides actually pictures from the robot-cam.

The robot is developed by ReconRobotics and was made for military purpose. The scenarios are quite exotic, Popular Mechanics write about the possible usage:

Even if the drone is spotted, and immediately stomped to death, a quick peek could reveal what kinds of weapons are present, and what condition the hostages are in. ReconRobotics also sells a command monitoring kit, which consists of an additional antenna and software that allows the footage to be viewed and recorded on a laptop. "You could throw it in, and do a quick 360 of the room," says Bignall. " So even if all you get is 30 seconds of footage, you can go back and review it frame-by-frame.

If you ask me, this sounds like pure Science Fiction that even tops James Bond and games like "Impossible Mission". Popular Mechanics continues:

The Recon Scout is inexpensive when it comes to robots—it costs $6000, or $9000 with an IR camera—and is built to survive a 30 ft drop onto concrete. ReconRobotics has also tested other options, like dropping the robot from a low-flying unmanned aerial vehicle, and launching it from the same kind of compressed-air guns used to fire tear-gas canisters.

You will definitely also check out this NASA-robot, that follows the same design of axis-control. It is extremely useful and flexible (see the video below).


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