Jambot: Research on aspiring music robot on its way

Jambot is the name of a project from researcher Toby Gifford from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The core of the robot will be a "suite of algorithms" that will enable robots to extract meaningful data from live-music performances, in order to play along and jam with the music.

Gifford says about the project, that is currently in the prototyping phase:

It is common for a band or solo musician to have a computer-based backing track or use looping pedals, but these kinds of technology are not very flexible or responsive to what's happening on stage.

We are very sorry to hear about that one:

Jambot is a musical robot, but it's not made of metal and it doesn't blow smoke.

So, why is it a robot then? Gifford says, that Jambot utilizes recent discoveries in audio music perception combined own clever algorithms to keep up with musicians as they play. It should be a software, that will enhance the artificial-creativity experience and that can be applied to various hard- and software instruments.


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