Flying Fishes and other sea-creatures in the air

Did I sensed a microtrend? It seems, that fishes and other biological stuff that is normally hidden under the surface of the ocean, is going to prepare the takeover in the air. At least in the robotic variant.

Festo is pushing this boundary project like the Airjelly or the air ray: In German you call this "Manta Rochen" and I think it is a real clever idea, to fill up ultralight structures with gas, that is lighter than air. In the result you get floating objects, that are move and navigate like object under water. The controls of this are very subtle. The only question that remains: What can be the use of such robots..? Well, except pure pleasure of competition and excitement?

Nautical objects in the air seem to get popular. In fact, the entry-barriers are not very high. In the end pleasure days like the Airship Regatta will become a counterpart to American events like the Death Match Killer Fighting Robots?

More infos on the Festo Blu Ray at their website. I also found more floating stuff on Eggshell: the Blimp and the Blubber Bots.


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