Snail Bot: Cute homebrewed robot

The first thing that comes into mind: "What a special design." There aren't that much information upon this homebrewed robot from the Let's Make Robots Community. But it seems, that Anthony "Ant" made the Snail Bot while waiting for new parts. He writes: "Made this one while waiting for my servos from China (about 6 weeks now)." He made a clever use of the constraints of missing parts.

The bot behaves a little strange, isn't optimized and unfortunately Anthony also thinks of disassembling the guy again: "I've found the tamiya tracks aren't up to the task, so I don't think he'll last too long before being recycled." Unlucky cute little robot. Anyway, you can see more pictures of this interesting robot and a video at Let's make robots.


Tags: homebrew, play, giving-birth
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