Spykee: Toy-Robot, that spies and skypes

Invade and observe

Toy-Robots are beginning to get serious. The Spykee is a WiFi-enabled robot, that you can control via remote. It has a build in camera. You can "see with the robot-eyes" and "head with the robot-ears", while you control that boy. You can also videophone with the robot, because it has got a full-grown interface to the Skype VOIP-Protocol. In other words: this robot is also a remote controlled videophone. The sugar on top is, that you can use Spykee also as a music device, because he should be able to play music from your computer via WiFi.

See some hands-on at this blog. The inofficial website is located at spykee.org, whey they collect wisdom and also some homebrew-stuff. You can find a chess-playing Spykee there at the moment. The official Spykee-Website is a little bit like, well, like those flashy-toy websites. A review with a full feature list is available at RobotsRule. Unfortunatelly that robot is not cheap. It should cost about 200 Pounds, so expect the price to be about 250 Euro.


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