Trauma Research with a Spiders-Robot and Bumble-Bees

Are you ready for some of the most unusual research? British scientists set up a spider-robot, that only exercise is to shock and traumatize bees. The researches had explored the effect, that traumatic experiences have on bumble bees.

Shock-Robot "Spider in Disguise"

The "spider in disguise" machine, that you can see on the picture, was used to attract bumble bees (smells good, looks flowery). When the came too near to the machine, the two robotic-arms hit together and gave the bee some really shocking event and set them in panic. After some pretty good shocks the bumble bees began to avoid the spider-machine.

The researchers were more interested in the after-effects of the shock-therapy. They came up with the result, that traumatized bees were changing their collection habits. The were generally slower that their colleges without the stress exposed to. The bees were acting nervous and distracted and learned, that some robot-spiders in disguise could lurk anywhere...

Please don't build such machines!! I guess this thing was only made once for research purposes. Read the whole story at Science News.


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