Robovox - Large Scale Robots touring in Europe

Robovox is a large, eight meter high public sound- and robotinstallation. You can send text-messages to the two large robots. They will read, or better speak, your text messages. Just to remember: 8 meter high robots! This is really impressing.

The robots are on tour all mostly within European metropolitan area,making station at Rotterdam, Berlin, Helsinki, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Ljubljana.

Listen to the robotvoice!

Martin B. Bricelj want to "give people a voice, that usually gets lost in the sounds of the mass". The places Bricelj choose have also "social or even political connotation" in his words.

The SMS send to the robots are processed and than spoken out loud by the robots. It is a public monument, but also sound design for public squares. The robot voice is at the same time beeing streamed into the internet. You can head over to the website and plug into the soundstream of the actual robots, or just click play in the black box above. The soundtrack is also available, as well as a book and DVD with essays, documentation and research work.

Robovox was initiated by media artist Martin B. Bricelj. The use of SMS to interact with gigantic objects reminds me on the legendary public art installation of Blinkenlights from the German Chaos Computer Club some years ago. While Blinkenlights was more some "proof-of-concept", aimed at lange scale pleasure (at least in my eyes), the Robovox has another connotation - of course, not only by the picture of robots, that marks a new era about to come.

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