Brain Cell / Neuron controlled Robot

Some mad scientists designed a robot, that is being controlled by "rat brain cells". 30.000 brain-neurons are connected to a robot, that navigats thought sonar. The aim of the project is, that the brain-blob should learns to control and navigate the robot. Mad scientists, aren't they?

Like real researches you will have to find some "good" arguments to defend your research. They argue, that the rat-brain and how memory works on some day could give "insights into the Alzheimers deseases". Any questions?

You can watch a video on BBC News

Some technical stuff:

The blob of nerves forming the brain of the robot was taken from the neural cortex in a rat foetus and then treated to dissolve the connections between individual neurons.
Sensory input from the sonar on the robot is piped to the blob of cells to help them form new connections that will aid the machine as it navigates around its pen.

As the cells are living tissue, they are kept separate from the robot in a temperature-controlled cabinet in a container pitted with electrodes. Signals are passed to and from the robot via Bluetooth short-range radio.


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