Crabfu - Putter Bot

Independent Robotmaker CrabFu build a robot, that look really independent and professional. It is a minigolfing (putting) robot, that even works in the dark. His head is a light.

To control the robot a remote control is used. With one of the stick you control the head and the golf club, while the other controls the tank movements. With Putter Bot you can easily play and win a game of home golfing, even without getting out of your seat. With a little mounting two Putters should also be able to make some matches sword or ninja-techniques. But before getting into more other things, some technical details about the putter bot.

The tank chassis is a kit from Tamiya, and directly driven from the servo horns. The tread mesh is not perfect, but it works ok. One micro servo is used for the putter, and another one used for the head, and mounted in the back of the Putter Bot, driven through wire linkage. The reason using a linkage system, instead of directly mounting the head/light to the servo, is to lower the head for a better center of gravity... and it just looks cuter with the head down low.

Tags: indoor, play, indie-labs, homebrew
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