Reverse-Demolition of a Skyscraper

Look at this fascinating technique some clever Japanese engineers developed to deconstruct a skyscraper high building. They just carry away the house from the bottom to the top! First the walls are removed, that are not statically loaded. The columns, that hold the weight of the building then are sloooowwly put down into the ground, this is the critical part I guess, until the next floor is ready to "go".

The poor building looks very unhappy. It seems like the thing is going on and on and on, like a good game of Tetris. Now I don't want to hear anyone saying, that industrial-built houses are not a party of its own. Even they can mature in dignity. If this would be a toy, there would be no problem in re-using the building-parts that are now "free" again, but I suppose architecture always needs fresh material for constructing new houses.


Tags: architecture, urban, outdoor, construction, swarm, load
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