Wir sind Helden - Kaputt with broken robot

The well known German band "Wir sind Helden" made an intense use of paper-robots aka tin-bots. They mixed it up with some of those lovely spacey sound effects. The era of tin-bots... Hope you know the story.

The song is about things, that made you broken (=kaputt). About people, search, broken inside, but also the things, that are pretty okay. They tell the story with a robot, but... why did they choose a tin-robot? We also sensed some plastic fan-boys. So seek out!

A very robotic one, isn't it? Enjoy this lovely German charm, with this exciting flowing song. Even if you don't understand the lyrics. Feels very Berlin and.. well. Yes. Just do it!

Update: I found a translation if the lyrics at Suicide Bots

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