Atmospheric Robotplanet: Tension by Aenima

Shortfilm producers and the demoscene are always good for getting impulses on how robots could look and act like. They are somehow like the elongated arm of science fiction writers. We also find much robotic stuff in productions made for children.. in us, like rocking cartoons or tv-series. Maybe we should also name music videos.

The following piece is a athmospheric work from the demogroup Aenima. They works cross the border to shortfilms and have a decent quality. This movie Tension evokes a vision of strange and strong robot-characters and I especially like the robot-guy without any real face. Really, really strong type. But beware... the video contains much more scenes without robots, than actually with them. At least this does not narrow the experience.

Tags: movie, demoscene, artificial-life, music
Jun_15:2008 .020200 Comments(0)

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