Interactive and dynamic Building Facades: BIX and Flare


This is BIX in Graz

Home-automation will be an ongoing field of robotics, early stages exist. Think of air conditioners, media facades, computing networks and other things. Some years ago I wrote on the German webzine Phlow about the interactive media-facade BIX, where I also made an interview with the responsible architects realities united. BIX is a media facade of international prestige at the Kunsthaus Graz. My thoughts went into the direction of having an unique operating system for every house. Meanwhile I wouldn't wonder if building parts will come alive.


Construction details of Flare elements

At The Kinetic Interface I spotted this one: Flare. A facade, that is interactive and in opposition to BIX it has physical movable objects that create different visible patterns. Call this one step nearer to giant robotics or parameter-indicating architecture. I love to have architectonic topics on this blog. The gradual shift in building large scale objects will result in interesting ways of perception, especially in the context of robotics. Unless I get too utopian: movable parts in very large scale are thinkable. Did you already heard of this project from Takayuki Furuta, where he tries to build a very large scale battle robot, that we may know from animes?

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