Ranjit Bhatnagar's Music Bot analyzes Speech, transforms it into Music

This video is amazing. It shows a self-written and self-build robot from Ranjit Bhatnagar (aka Moonmilk), that fetches speech to make music. The bot analyzes tone, rhythm and frequency of the speech and incredibly re-plays it... as music! The sound generation is done by self build instruments and I suppose, that the tone heights are more or less hardcoded into the system by a table or a scale or factor. The wire is bend according to tone-height. A nice chapter in artificial creativity and a proposal as well for the Artbots 2008 festival.

Some months ago I already was very enthusiastic by another video of Ranjit Bhatnagar. It was about a bot called Lev: a kind of theremin playing robot, that was playing a favourite tune.


Tags: music, homebrew, video, artificial creativity, indie-labs, installation
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