LEGO Tower of Hanoi Solver-Robot

We lately featured the fastest Tower of Hanoi on the iPhone-solving robot. This here is a Lego-robot, that is also able to solve the Tower of Hanoi-puzzle with custom disc-bricks.

Picture (c) J.P. Brown

This robot is part of the "Serious Lego" project from J.P. Brown and uses pneumatic mechanics to get the robot in motion.

The Tower of Hanoi is not the most spectacular or exiting game, but maybe some kind of benchmark for playing robots. It needs not much sensory input for solving this problem, because can solve this problem with a simple list. It's a stupid mathematical task if you like to call it this way. This makes this simple for a "Hello World" playing robot. But also recursive problem-solving algorithms are around, according to this Hanoi-solving tutorial website.

The Tower of Hanoi, picture (cc) wikicommons

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