Phun - Physics and Artificial Life Simulator

Phun is an interesting software project, that was made by Emil Ernerfeldt. It is some kind of "create and play" suite for making experiments with the physics engine. You got basic elements to play with, and as you can imagine, you also can model robots and artificial life with it. I definitely like the idea of modeling creatures like the above, that uses locomotion and gravity to walk. Emil Ennerfeld reached hid Master of Science degree with this program at the VRLab, UmeƄ University, Sweden.


Tags: toy, play, artificial-life, physics, tool, software, sweden
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Really nice stuff. But what's the use of simulating real life when you have... uhm.. real life?

gaby de wilde

"what's the use of simulating real life" The answer is that you are not a very good example. :-)


This is more the kind of a hypotetical question. Of course I like playing with stuff and I like the toy-approach of it. But when it comes to robotics, than having a B.E.A.M. approcha would be more useful? At least this is worth discussing. Nevertheless it maybe would end up in a discussion like "why do we need PCs".

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