Micromagic Hexapod has Learned to Draw

The Hexapod V5 from Micromagic slowly grew into my heart. It got an update and with it the ability to draw and even write. He made the shift from being a simple exhibit to becoming a mate.

More Hexapod V5 on Eggshell Robotics here and here.

Tags: hexapod, micromagic, play, mate, cute, indie-labs, walk
Apr_07:2008 .020200 Comments(2)

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Benoit Espinola

Every kid's dream robot - just tell him your homework and done it will be... :D But it's true it's a good concept, it could have some kind of choreography linked to drawing... Much to explore there...

Benoit Espinola

Thinking more seriously on application possibilities of this kind of drawing bot, I thought it could become a nice printer: no pixels, just Bezier curves - this would be valid for vectorial images, I don't know about bitmaps - maybe for bitmaps it's better to use old school laser/inkjet printers. It can also be a nice way to follow movement... for instance with a wiimote...

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