Robots at Play: Atron Modular Robot

I highly recommend some lingering at the website of the Robots of Play Festival from Denmark. My finding of the day is the ATRON, an extreme good looking modular robot. As you can guess, this is research wonderland. That means: ugly websites with less information, just technical papers and ill-colored PowerPoints. Unless you want it: check this article on the Atron at New Scientist and check out a PowerPoint on it with the basic concept and some pictures. The Atron is - as far as I can see - a brainchild by Hendrik Lund, professor at the University of Southern Denmark. He understands his modular robot as an advanced toys: something like the AIBO, but far more advanced.

Each module has its own computer and communicates via infrared connections

The Festival in Denmark looks really good. The Danish people seem to set the focus just right on robots and play - something we are also heavily into.

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