Sad, Sad Robot: MIT's builds Nexi

MIT Media Lab is coming again. This time they started to build a new robotic platform, called MDS. It stands for "Mobile, Dexterous and Social". The new Robot they built has the name Nexi. His biggest power is the expression of emotion with his funny plasticface. He got two arms and foot that look a little bit like a Segway.

People at MIT can imagine that the Nexi will be next flagship-project at social robotics to care for the elderly. Maybe Nexi will participate at the Socially Situated Robot Learning project, that is suited for human-robot interaction learning. A very topic of our time. What at least qualifies him is, that he is good at looking sad and wise. And maybe that's the most important skill for being a good robot.


Tags: mit, social, research, living-with-robots, care
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