LANdroid - Internet Swarms Surrounding You

IRobot, that company most famous for their vacuum cleaner robot Roomba, is working for the DARPA on a system they call the LANdroid. This are small robots that can be used like hand-grenades. You can throw them over walls for example. When they hit the ground, they unfold themselves and build an ad hoc wireless LAN network. They can move on the ground in order to enhance the signal quality. It should enable steady internet connection in especially in urban areas where it is difficult to get stable wireless LAN connections.

Just think away that military usage of this robots and you will get a very interesting urban swarm robotics scenario. Just throw your robots somewhere and obtain a stable network, that is also self-enhancing and in the best case also moving along with you and your peers. What a cool smart mobs scenario! Now add solar-powered, autonomous flying drones to the LANdroids on the ground and we get the evernet-swarm: internet-robots that are constantly surrounding and supplying us with bandwith.


Tags: swarm, landroid, cooperate, outdoor, networked
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