Bristlebots are getting Playful - More Developments of the Crowd

More and more videos appear exploring the concept of vibro- and bristlebots. This video shown here directly played itself into my heart. It is so tweaky, cutting is good and the bristlebot is fast and cute. What, cute? Can a bristlebot be cute? Somehow it can.

Some more things happen. The very inventors of the bristlebot itself mounted a pager-motor on a chip and bend the pins to make it run around a little bit. Good work.

Another video is showing a vibrobot made of an old camera. Compared to them, our very first try of doing an own bristle is somehow decent, but like commenters at YouTube suggested we could make the "front wheels" flexible in order to give that plastic acid bot a little amount of more control.

You may also want to put the bristles on a gaming field. Add robot features and begin to play an interactive game to beat the other bots.

A man called Chris Cerrito experimented a little bit with very solid made bristlebots and paint. Obviously they had lots of fun doing it. Call it robotic-generated art if you want to.

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Benoit Espinola

I want to try to make one... :D Maybe with solar panels? (I don't know.. I'll see)

Eggshell Robotics

The biggest problem, at least here in Germany, is finding a good source where you can get good pager-motors for a reasonable price.

Benoit Espinola

What is the average price of a pager motor?

Eggshell Robotics

I lately paid for a solar-enables motor about 9 Euro. It was not explicit a pager-motor, but small scaled and solar-power ready. It was the cheapes, while the most expensive (with much better features / technical data) was about 20 Euro! Maybe (I am almost sure!) there exist much better offerings that I just haven't found yet. BTW: I once obtained page-motor from a cheap toy I bought and broke to get the motors. =)

Benoit Espinola

I, mobile phones, you can find pager-motor, right? for the vibrating functions... In the wiimote too... but it's still more expensive... But it's true that it could be easier to find some cheap vibrating toy (no kinky thoughts on it)...

Simon Parker

Thought you might like to see the You Tube video Bristlebot Waltz. Bristlebots do like company.

Eggshell Robotics

I think you mean this video? Neat.

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