Software-bugs are Emergent Behavior of the Future

Alan Winfield, a robotics researcher at the University of the West of England in Bristol, has fresh wisdom about swarm robotics at hand. He told one of the writers from the New Scientist:

"Software bugs are emergent properties - but today we think they're bad and must be fixed. We need to know how to design the kind of emergent 'bugs' that produce swarm intelligence in nature."

Software development could face a significant shift if we change the meaning of what software really is. Evidentially all software development methods at present try to reach totally bug-free code. We never learned, at least not systematically, to build systems where we can explore and utilize bugs. The only things I can think of pointing towards this direction are glitch and circuit bending. Maybe more! Feel free to comment!


Tags: misuse, swarm, software, nature, code, swarm robotics, theory
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