Robots should not simulate nature too closely

Because it is just too creepy. Look at this "anatomically correct finger". Uhh.


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Educational Robot from JS-Robotics

Long time no post. Let's change this!

JS-Robotics, I suppose that's named after the founder Jin Sato build a very cool kit for kids and educational purpose. It is a robot kit, some kind of mixture between a bristlebot and a microcontroller-robot. The interesting thing about this robot is, that it can be programmed just without the use of a computer. It features some of the most popular robot-functionality, that most robot beginners are trying to build like "detect object", "follow a line" or "robot sumo". One the one hand that is fine. On the other it's a little weak preset-funk. What's the fun of robot-sume with exactly two of the same robots? But the sounds are awesome anyway!


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Basketball and Baseball playing robot

What can do robots better than human? It is maybe not controlling the ball. But what they can beat is speed and power. Just look at this videos: Are baseball and other new robotic discipline on its way? For example speed-games? We had something like that before, with a robot, playing the Towers of Hanoi on the iPhone.


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Tour de France Chalkbot

No, I do not want to talk much about it here. Check out the video or read the mid-sized article at Robotliving or the long story at Post Gazette.

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Goldie, the sleeping, resting, dead robot?

Goldie is the name of this robot. An old rusty robot, lying in the middle of Birminghhams (in Alabama!) University Campus. Goldie was made by an graduate student named Joe McCreary, and there is more to this sculpture. Goldie wants to show the shutdown of Birmingham's "Sloss Furnaces" in 1972 and the downturm of the iron industry as a whole. Think about it, and then look again at Goldie. You can learn more about the work at the website of the University of Alabama.

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Electromagnetic Paperclips in a Japan Train

Well, this is neat. The paperclips on the ground dance, because of electrical energy below the surface. The electric current comes from the motor, that is hidden unter the floor.

Pink Tentacle goes:

The Kobe New Transit Company, which operates the Rokko Liner (as well as the Port Liner, which uses similar trains), says extra shielding is being installed just in case.


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Spherical NXT Robot from Nils Völker

"Steerable Mass" is the concept behind this orb-robot. It was realized by Nils Völker and I really recommend a look at his beautiful and well-balanced website, also with lots of technical explanations of his bot. This is meanwhile his third exploration of a NXT bot, and the works all have its unique charm.

Another, but similar robot (not made by Nils) is the "Rotundus-groundbot". Same technique, but much more spooky!


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