Robot Buzzword Statistic


Once again some facts about robots! This PhD Comic shows the "buzzword-factor" of scientific publications within the last year. As you can see, robots are on the rise - at least in the academic buzzword-world.

Lately we had facts about robots in TV-series and films and a statistic about the world population of industrial robots.


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Christmas robot-dance performance

Well, think what you want of this performance. But the mass-synchro effect of this robots are somehow not bad. Also listen to the noises the "robot army" makes...


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Solarbotics: "I wanna be" Solar and Hamsterball-Robot

Well, well. Neat design, this solar-powered robot. The sub triggers the motors and this drives the hamsterball. Easy to understand, ans most probably also easy to build.

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Very cool LMR robot

Not long ago, we had an interesting climber-robot from Arek ArunioSmo. Lately he made another cool homebrew-robot, once again with the ability to climb, as well as interesting synchro-movement with his wheels. Get all details about this bot at Let's make robots.

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Sweet-ugly, 80ies styled robot

The robot itself is not very interesting from a functional perspective, although I am not very goot at speaking Japanese. It's some sort of robot-human interaction via speech. But the design of the robot is insanely brilliant. I've never seen this for decades, to use simple white screens with dots in it for the eyes!


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How automation changes work

To all the people, who cry "WACHSTUM! WACHSTUM! WACHSTUM! (growth!)" all the time. Please open your eyes and see, how the world has changed. Not only the internet, but also automation made enormous changes to the "workplace". Why do the people yelling for growth all the time? Yes, because growth should result in work. Well, that was true in history. But look at this:



Also look at this home-automator-robot from Fanuc.

The only thing to think about on the present is money and work. And how to deal and distribute with it. Not necessarily growth! Let's change the direction of thinking! Read i.e. Nicht die Armut, das Wachstum muss bekämpft werden.


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Slope Skiing Robot

Cute robots in real-life situations are coming. Yehaa! Look at this tiny skiing robot, that is able to really ski down the slope. It was researched by Bojan Nemec at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Slovenia. The robot navigates autonomously using video camera and other sensors.


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