M-Tran - Modular Transformer Robot

"Researchers at the Japanese Intelligent Systems Research Institute (part of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) develop M-Tran (modular transformer) since 1998, a self-reconfigurable modular robot."


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Insectoid Robotfarm in Natural Old-Industrial Environment

This video is a hypothetical documentary of something, that could be real on some day. Be prepared. Made by Microbia.


Tags: farm, insectoid, small-scale, swarm-intelligence, organic
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LittleDog Bot

A bot with interesting motions between a dog and an insect. Developed by the Boston Dynamics Project.

Tags: insectoid, bot, walk, boston dynamics
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Pool with Non-Newtonian Fluid

Just check this out. The same liquid as in the last posting (cornstarch and water) and this simple formula make people walk on liquid! Further reading on the liquid at Wikipedia.

Tags: cornstarch, non-newtonian, event
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Cornstarch Lifeform

Welcome to our brandnew robotic weblog. We kick the notch off with a cool YouTube video to also directly show you the direction of this blog.

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