Pleo - Hug the Plush Robot

The Pleo from Ugobe Lifeforms are a new series of home-robotics. It is somehow a plush-version of the Aibo, but - and maybe that talks about the shift - is not a plastic dog, but a plush dinosaur. I don't know if you can call this cute or ugly. Nevertheless, moves are interesting as so are the yells. And people seem to like it. Nice inbetweener of toy and robot.

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Steampunk is Really Alive!

Richard Nagy shows us how to build modern Gadgeds with the visuals of the victorian era. H.G. Wells, Wiliam Gibson have been writing about storys which gave this era the high tech of today. Richard Nagy creates victorian "steam-punk-style" and takes a change into today; you can live the lifestyle you want. Notebook, gears, retro looking gadgets? That's today! Technology and past are getting together. Now Richard Nagy is giving the High Tech of today the touch of ancient era. He is the inverse of H.G. Wells (Time Machine).

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Boston Dynamics RHex

This is a cute one, very versatile on every ground. I especially like the profile view where you can see the RHex legs or wheels in motion. For more backgrounds on the walking-principle look here.


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Blimp Floating Robot

The nice thing about Blimp is not only the postmodern look, but also the silent, swallowing mode we can see him. It uses Goevo for control and evolution of algorithms. Also note the barcoded wall on Blimp2b.

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Documentation on Roboethics: Ciao Robot

This is the trailer of the documentation Ciao Robot. It's a quick roundup of the current state - in terms of theory - of the relationship of robots and men. They try to state the current state of robot vs. men and the birth of "Roboethics". It's about robot constructors, writers and thinkers all over the globe. And it is very 2007.

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Korean Charter for Robotics?

The Koreans seems to work on a Charter for Robots, that somehow remind me on the Robots Rules form Isaac Asimov. According to the Telegraph, the Korean ministry of of commerce, industry and energy said in a statement: "The government plans to set ethical guidelines concerning the roles and functions of robots. The move anticipates the day when robots, particularly intelligent service robots, could become a part of daily life."


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WowWee Rovio

Three wheel, wi-fi controlled homebot, that well you can play around with in your house. Pretty useless, but is playing and having fun not about having useless fun? The controls seem to be very upfront. Go to the WowWee website, but be prepared for an unusable flash website.


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