Robbi, Tobbi and the Fliewatüüt

A classic children TV-Show, that was quite popular in Germany and at least for me introduced the Tin-Robot. Most remarkably is the robot "Robbi", that really got a rough-warm personalty of its own. The funky detail is the distorted "vocoder-like" speech from the robot and - maybe far ahead of its time - that Robbie makes click after finishing a speech or action, as if he had a pulse generator inside triggering control commands, using speech "click" like indicator.

Tin-Robot "Robbi" with his unique rough character of its own.

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Planetary Intergalactic Robot

There are certain words connected to certain topics and certain aesthetics. 'Intergalactic' from the Beastie Boys is such a case. In the videoclip a Godzilla-like creature meets a gigantic full-scale Tin-Robot that hits the city and fights the monster.

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Eggshell Robotics and All is full of Love from Chris Cunnigham with Robots from Paul Catling

Well, fresh project, fresh research. I googled for Eggshell Robotics on Google, but did only found few sites with related content on. The only site related to the topic was the landing page for Björks Videoclip "All is full of love", where two robots meet each other. The video can be considered a real classic: not only for music- and videoclip aestetics, but as well as giving birth to robots.

Following the liner notes for the Video-Website we get some nice additional information on the making of the videoclip:

The robots were built by Paul Catling, who also sculpted the masks for Windowlicker. Catling, who taught Cunningham about model-making, sculpted the full-sized robots in clay in two hours.Cunningham worked with Julian Caldow on the set design, and it was put together by Chris Oddy. But the director says, "To be perfectly honest I didn’t have time to make the set look exactly as I wanted it, so I made it post heavy." For example, on the shoot there were two main robot arms (operated simply by rods), but in post production, a third and fourth robot arm were created in CGI at Glassworks.

The director Chris Cunningham says about the clip:

It's a combination of several fetishes: industrial robotics, female anatomy, and flourescent light in that order. It was perfect, I got to play around with the two things I was into as a teenager: robots and porn.

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Giving Birth

Lately I was thinking on robots and that we in general like to have robots be alive or we treat them like they would be alive or they will get alive.

First. I think that the key for robots making a vivid impression are not gestures, but mainly reaction. If you threw something at the robot and he will react, than we will get the impression of something that lives. That gets me to the second point.

Second. If we create robots, and that is what we do, when will be the point where we say: hey, that bot is alive? When is the point when we give birth to that robot? This really is something else than playing god, but at least I think that this point is worth discussing although we know that robots never will be life.

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Living with Robots: Honda Asimo

Forget all this cleanroom robotic visions. This is what living with robots really look like. This is the kickoff of the series "Living with Robots".


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The Homebrew Robotics Club

The Homebrew Robotics Club is the successor of the famous Homebrew Computer Club. It is located in the Silicon Valley and the website did not give that much appealing information, apart from useful stuff when you live in California and can meet up with the guys. At least I found some footage on flickr that looks really neat.

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Spinal Rhythms and Platonic Love - Art Related Bots

A very interesting robot is the Spinal Rhythms from Eva Schindling:

The robotic art work Spinal Rhythms investigates the qualities and dynamics of physical movement performed by inanimate shapes.

Somehow related is Platonic Love from the Hungarian artist Attlia Tsörgö. This work shows complex behaviour on the setup of geometric shapes.


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