BEAM approach

BEAM is a school of robotics, starting from simple reflexes, in a 'bottoms-up' approach. The majority of BEAM robots are non-computerized (although simple CPUs can be used to drive them, in a 'horse and rider' sort of way). Unlike many traditional processor-based robots, BEAM robots are cheap, simple, and can be built by a hobbyist with basic skills in a matter of hours. Because of this, BEAM is an excellent way of getting started in robotics, and of learning about electronics.

Readmore at Solarbotics.

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Japaneese Exoskeleton HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb)

An exoskeleton is an "assist-robot", something like an additional skeleton that is not inside, but outside of the human body. With that skeleton you are able for example to weight lifts, that are much heavier, than you could usually lift. Though this robot-suit is also often discussed as a helper or disables people or people who have less strength after weeks in bed or so.

The command signals from the brain are transmitted to the muscles through the motor neurons, and we can detect such faint bio-electrical signals on the surface of the skin, and these signals are calibrated into the computer here, and after that this computer controls these power units so he can move or upgrade his power.


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Fire Department Robot

Japaneese people are often one step ahead when it comes to robotics and the public space. This is a fire-department robot from Tokyo, that is there to rescue people out of emergency situations.

Would you trust this robot?


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Hexapod Robot from Micromagic Systems

Micromagic Systems from Hampshire in the UK specalizing in "animatronic, robotic and puppet control systems and services to the film and television industry." Most recent projects include "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban".

They do the series Hexapod, which is like the title implies a six-legged robot, that comes in a very cool insectoid fashion. Moves are nice and just look at the pictures.

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Bitfilm Festival 2008: Call for Entries

The Bitfilm Festival focuses on digital film culture. That is, every form of digital movie from sophisticated 3D over Flash animations towards Machinima. They are calling for entries for the festival. The screenings will be in Stuttgart and Hamburg this year, while you also can watch all movies and vote on the internet between May and Juli.

One of the organizers Moritz Hirchenhain wrote me, that they are real robot-freaks, so any submission on this topic is highly recommendable. The trailer for 2008 is not ready yet, that's why I show you the 2007 trailer. As you can see, they also have robots all on their website and flyers. Meet this people!

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Rosie: The Female Housebot from the Jetsons

Yesterday I told that 99% of all tin-robots are male. After heavy thinking I remembered a female tin-bot. I want to present here to you. It is the Robot "Rosie", that keeps house-holding at the home of the Jetsons and everything that is related to "modern housework" from the ultra-harmonic utopian 60ies: keeping the kids, help schoolwork, help learn driving the car and that sort of things.

Tin-robots seem to be good in hiding things inside their bodies.

At least we all should know, that the distinction between male and female robots is just a fantasy of us humans.


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Bender: The Worlds Most Popular Tin-Robot?

Do I have to introduce Bender? I don't think so, but nevertheless I feel the duty so mention Bender here in the category Tin-Robot. He is a soul-robot and got some similarity with Robbi. That is in particular that he can do things with his mechanical gear, that people can't. That he is always supportive to humans, and that he got thousand of things inside his body. In that context I figured out, that tin-robots are to 99% male.

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