Legged Locomotion Research

James Andrew Smith does research in the field of biomechanics to extend the possibilities of legged systems. Like the jumping bot shown in the video below, his research takes mechanical ways in to account to make robots walk, jump or gallop. His thesis upon legged locomotion is available as pdf. If you want to keep in touch with our blog and regularly get this kind of content, feel free to subscribe to our RSS-Feed.

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Pneumatic Mucles for Festo Robots

Festo is a company from Germany, specialized in pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components and controls for industrial automation. They also do robots, but besides that pure boring industrial-robot stuff, they build robots that are far more. Look this video. The robots revel such a strong vision with a style so beyond. Simply something I've never seen before. The funky detail here are the pneumatic muscles that drive the robots with air.

Tags: industrial, humanoid, muscle, organic, germany, festo, pneumatic
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Robert Full Tells us How to Copy Nature into Robots

Robert Full from Berkeley University shows us how to copy nature (Biologically inspired design). He shows how to look at "Feet" from animals. He shows how these results enhance robots and more lead into new kind of glue. It's a long video but last but not least its really worth watching.

Tags: biology, foot, detail, research, body part
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Eggshell Sound Synthesis 01

Using a physical language.

"Eggshell Sound Synthesis" is a new method to generate sounds with analogue gear. It is meant as a very early prototype to give the bots physical ability to speech, apart form just using chip-sounds. As you can see we named it "Eggshell Sound Synthesis" and there is a lot of things to work out, but anyway - we made a start.

Tags: eggshell, method, sound, detail, research, speak, indie-labs, germany
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Industrial Robots in Motion

Four industrial robots performing like a music group, making forms, that somehow reminds me on alien monsters from time to time. Industrial robots are always a little strange, because they stand in the ground like a tree, only able to move their arm, that is their body. Is it true that you can buy such a robot for 100 dollars these days?


Tags: motion, industrial robot, dance, music
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Keepon: Friend or Foe?

Daniel Wilson, the author "How to Survive a Robot Uprising" states a very important message: Robots are our friends. He made three videos that are around the internet that we love to point you and share.

Daniel Wilson and finished his Ph.D. in Robots at the Carnegie Mellon University and recently finished his second book: "How to Build a Robot Army".


Tags: book, video, friends, outdoor, music, keepon, indie-labs
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Inchworm Robot

This bot uses Shape Memory Alloy to create that worm-like extracting behavior. The bristles on the "legs" of the worm have different directions and create different fractions. That's why the acrylic-worm moves forward.

Tags: muscle, worm, giving-birth, fragile, bristlebot
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