Superhuman Robot DJ - Another Humaniod, this time on Drum'n'Bass

Originally I wanted to post about a different topic today, but somehow I am in a music mood, that's why you get Drum'n'Bass on your ears, which have always been a very cool genre of music.

This video is from Superhuman DJ and it is the incredible year 3067. The humaniod robot dances in the clip (a little bit clumsy, but cool). I can't help myself, but apart from tin-robots I somehow dislike humanoids in general until now. Not all and maybe some day I will think different on this and the only exception may be the Robo-One.

On Monday we will get more serious again.

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Giant Looking Sounding Sculpture: The Singing, Ringing Tree

Look at this sculpture! An insanely brilliant stack of metal tubes form a gigantic sculpture, with that little irritating name "The Singing, Ringing Tree". For me a tree looks a different, but nevertheless you mostly always hear really strange sounds on this windy place, because wind blows through the tubes. Be sure to visit it, when you are in that area. More geographic information available at Worldflicks and a video documentary available at YouTube.

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Lego AT-AT Walker Bot in Star Wars Style

This cool robot with its clumsy movement was my sweet surprise of the morning. I found it on YouTube and the maker points out, that this one is not made with the NXTbot from LEGO, but made with ATMega8 at 4 MHz, four servo-motors (1 servo for each leg) and been programmed with AVR Studio 4. It was made for a school-project. AT AT Walker from Star Wars stand for All Terrain Armored Transport Walker by the way.

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Head-Mounted Robot Control - Call it Telepresence

The military DARPA figured out a system to control a robot remotely. The way this works is but somehow like a virtual avatar. There is a camera stuck in the robot and this camera is connected to a head-mounted display, that you wear like glasses on your head. The motions of the head are like "hardwired" to the robot-cam via wireless connection. The head-mounted display provide the vision of the robot-camera. When I think about it, it's not that hard to manufacture if you have the components ready.

Model-tank in the office

Yes, the military likes to play. The most obscure scene in this video is this one, where a head-mounted controlled model of a tank drives through the rooms of the offices.

Let's think away the military look and replace it with some cool robot. If you take this imagine cool toy fights and other ways of fun, like exploring your neighborhood from home or peeking around in the city to see what will happen. People will think of an autonomous bot.

The head-mounted control we talk about here is that one in the middle.


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Homebrew Robotics Club Photostream

I just found a photostream of the Homebrew Robotics Club on flickr: homebrewroboticsclub.

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Build a solar insect bot that follows light

This video from the makezine is a nice approach to recycle used electronic parts to build yourself a solar-powered beam-bot.

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Mawya Denki - Original Groove from Japan

Yes I know, you all will now come with your comparison to Kraftwerk, but why not? This Japanese people are really creative with their stuff and at least, most of the things they build are analogue and/or work with high voltage.

I didn't know that in Japan they only have 100 volt in their homes. Most I like the complete analogue Koi-Beat sequencer.

Found at Suicide Bots, the coolest robotblog of the moment.


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