Sony Music Robot

This video was uploaded to YouTube in 2007.

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Ultra-violent i-SOBOT

On the one hand ultra-violence, on the other endless creativity. Really hard how decide about this robot.


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PK Remote Sensing presents KommuniKate

PK Remote Sensing is a small development studio from Aachen in Germany, run by Paul Kocyla. He developed an interactive, female robot. She got some artificial intelligence built in: KommuniKate recognises faces and can interpret language. She is connected to a universal net of wisdom and information (guess!) and can not only answer your questions, but also can show context-sensitive multimedia with the projectors attached. The bot was build by Paul Kocyla and Anja Hammes with IT-help of Mario Lukas.

Be sure to meet KommuniKate during the summer 2010!


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Retirementology Musicvideo

This is not exactly a robot-video, but it somehow deals with "living machines". Video: Raquel Meyers, Music: goto80.


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Festo Cyber Kite

Festo is once again rockin' by messing around with nature elements, machines and literally the real world. This "Kite-Robot" is able to do things, that you normally would no associate with a robot: Let's control a kite system with a cybernetic control unit. Yay!

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The Microtonal "Fluid" Piano


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Eggshell Robotics article at

Oh, I totally forgot to mention, that I wrote the "official" portal-article about robots and robotics at the German news- and scene-site Just have a (hopefully gooooood) read here:

If you like it, why not spread it?

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