Build you own "D12-Meditator"

The Modernmechanics-blog today released an article from the 1970ies, showing hot to build your own "Meditator". Originally that is meant as a kind of box or small house, that you can build in your room to find soothing pleasure and your inner self. It is also called the D-12, because it is like a cube that has twelve sides. You can build it with self-made materials, and like the picture indicated, even pictures from newspapers are possible to drive the experience inside the "Meditator".


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Segway's New Robotic Mobility Platform RMP

Picture (cc)

British company Segway released pictures and a video of their new transportation system. It utilizes new wheels, that are able to move immediately in every direction. It seems, that Segway really got that big picture in mind of re-inventing urban transportation systems.

A look at their robotic mobility platform webpage underlines this guess.


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Robot plays Towers of Hanoi: Ultrafast!

Look this robot playing an game on the touch-surface of Apples iPhone. Not a really thrilling experience for human, since Towers of Hanoi is not the most exiting game, at least in my opinion. But for the robot solving of this mainly algorithmic task must be pure fun.


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Gish - Physics based Game

Gish is an independent game, that is currently under development. You control something like an blob in the game, can merge with other blogs and steer things though. It just reminded me on two thing. First one: is you look, you will find that this is really swarm-robotic style. Second: Physics based games, toys and applications are really popping out at the moment.


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Torn Off USB-Key

This is at the edge of a robotics-topic, but I enjoyed it so much that I want to share. The engineers at the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories manufactured a USB-drive that - what the hell - looks like a torn USB-cable. Inside there is a freakin' USB-chipcard. I guess you will have sympathy on your side, when using such a USB-drive... Unless someone throws it away. Go to the Evil Mad Scientist-Website to see the whole story.


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Super Mario Theme on Glassbottles, played by Remote Car and by Tesla Coils

The Super Mario Themes are meanwhile a cultural measure on how obscure devices, objects and instruments you can play music. Whether it's a ruler, two guitars, hands, tesla coils and lightning, bass guitar and so on and on. Or this video. Wine bottles, filled with water in a row. A remote-controlled car is driving along this bottles to play this music. Good guys. Proof of concept and hours of preperation spent.

For your convenince the incredible tesla coils again:


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Artful Video on the Eliza-Effect

Spotted this video on vimeo. Called "Eliza" you instinctly will think of the first software-bot from Joseph Weizenbaum, who passed away this year. The maker of the film remarks, that it is inspired by the terrible named "Eliza effect". It describes, that we think things are intelligent or living, just because they look and behave like humans or animals.

This video is a nice inspiration for a monday. Think of it and neglect that terrible term "Eliza-effect". Better think of giving-birth. Also look at the Hypercube.

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