LEGO Tower of Hanoi Solver-Robot

We lately featured the fastest Tower of Hanoi on the iPhone-solving robot. This here is a Lego-robot, that is also able to solve the Tower of Hanoi-puzzle with custom disc-bricks.

Picture (c) J.P. Brown

This robot is part of the "Serious Lego" project from J.P. Brown and uses pneumatic mechanics to get the robot in motion.

The Tower of Hanoi is not the most spectacular or exiting game, but maybe some kind of benchmark for playing robots. It needs not much sensory input for solving this problem, because can solve this problem with a simple list. It's a stupid mathematical task if you like to call it this way. This makes this simple for a "Hello World" playing robot. But also recursive problem-solving algorithms are around, according to this Hanoi-solving tutorial website.

The Tower of Hanoi, picture (cc) wikicommons

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Race to the Bottom Game: Locomotion Training?

You control that green thing.

"Race to the Bottom" is an very interesting experimental game. Interesting are the game mechanics: you control the game just by pressing any key. Your goal is to escape from the worm. By doing this you have to navigate you player, that is some kind of "bipad". You toggle the control points by pressing the key and have to surf the gravity to get into speed and action. It's easier than it sounds. Best, simply check it out.

It somehow reminded me on robotic locomotion. This game is locomotion training!


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Modular Robots: What are they doing?

I don't want to get into this "Oh wow, is this a science fiction!"-thing, like many bloggers do on the web regarding this video. I was asking myself... What the hell are the robots doing? Not in self-reassembling mode, but before they get kicked? Is it some kind of love-dance? Or just some simple routines to keep the balance? Maybe kinetic robot-poetry?


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LilyPad Arduino - Microcontroller for Textiles

A quick update for the technically interested. Arduino released a microcontroller, that is suited for "Smart Clothes": the LilyPad.

Still I don't know if I should like or dislike electronics directly attached to textiles. But to see it in action, you can check out one first project made my Rebecca Stern.

Aren't the electronic parts getting hot!?

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Small Interview Footage on the Hexapod Robot

That's not really new, but sometimes I like to see footage of the people behind the projects. It's about the iC Hexapod Robot from Micromagic Systems. Most remarkably. The Hexapod got a personality of its own. You can also just go over to the picture gallery of the snapshots, the iC Hexapod did.

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Stormbaancoureur: Robotics Car Game

Stormbaancoureur is a small, but highly recommended game! You control a small "robotics" car through a playground scenario. The controls are insanely direct, making this game a fast pace, physical experience. It feels really real. Remind me somehow on some great ball-games that are out there.

You could build this in reality!

Here is the website of Stormbaancoureur, when you are Japaneese-website proof. Otherwise directly download the .zip-file.


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BEAM-Wiki back again

Just a quick note, that the BEAM-Wiki from Hamburg is up again. They put it down for some weeks, because of technical problems. Welcome back!

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