Interactive and dynamic Building Facades: BIX and Flare


This is BIX in Graz

Home-automation will be an ongoing field of robotics, early stages exist. Think of air conditioners, media facades, computing networks and other things. Some years ago I wrote on the German webzine Phlow about the interactive media-facade BIX, where I also made an interview with the responsible architects realities united. BIX is a media facade of international prestige at the Kunsthaus Graz. My thoughts went into the direction of having an unique operating system for every house. Meanwhile I wouldn't wonder if building parts will come alive.


Construction details of Flare elements

At The Kinetic Interface I spotted this one: Flare. A facade, that is interactive and in opposition to BIX it has physical movable objects that create different visible patterns. Call this one step nearer to giant robotics or parameter-indicating architecture. I love to have architectonic topics on this blog. The gradual shift in building large scale objects will result in interesting ways of perception, especially in the context of robotics. Unless I get too utopian: movable parts in very large scale are thinkable. Did you already heard of this project from Takayuki Furuta, where he tries to build a very large scale battle robot, that we may know from animes?

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Did you already met Zeno?

Zeno will be the first somewhat cartoon-like android for the mass market. Developed by Hanson Robotics, specialized in building androids. Zeno is the first offshoot that eventually will put everything so far that has been on the market yet, into the shadow. At this point I realize, that until now only humanoids and "pet"-androids has been on the market.


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Electronic Eating Ants spotted in Houston

According to Engadget, Houson is beeing invaded by so called "crazy raspberry ants", that came to Houson on a cargo boat. The tricky thing on this ant are, that they are somehow attracted by electronic devices and therefore are responsible for ringing firealams, malfunction computers, disabling sewage pumps and at least even destroyed one gas meter. The species seem to be resistible against the usual way to exterminate ant colonies.

Tom Rasperry and the electronic eating ants.

The "crazy raspberry ants" are named after the exterminator Tom Rasperry, who found them on the 13. May and named them after himself.


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Bitfilm Festival 2008: Vote!

The Bitfilm Festival is "on". You can watch all submissions at the festival webpage and also linger in the Bitropolis, which is the virtual festival playground of the festival. A virtual space, where you can meet others, customize your avatar and even rent yourself a studio. It is currently in beta-phase.

Since the Bitfilm people are great robots fans, too, things will be good. Watch the 2008 trailer below, or watch the trailer from last year.

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Dance of the Metronomes - Self-Oscillating Hack

Metronomes are oscillating objects, that each has pace on its own. They swing on itself. With a simple hack on the analogue world, you can some kind of "connect" this objects, that they "share" their parameters, in order to enter a global swing. The metronomes stand on a board that is resting on reels. A simple skateboard would work. The metronomes are synchronizing and desynchronizing again. Synchronizing and desynchronizing - entering a periodic oscillation on a higher level.


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Ranjit Bhatnagar's Music Bot analyzes Speech, transforms it into Music

This video is amazing. It shows a self-written and self-build robot from Ranjit Bhatnagar (aka Moonmilk), that fetches speech to make music. The bot analyzes tone, rhythm and frequency of the speech and incredibly re-plays it... as music! The sound generation is done by self build instruments and I suppose, that the tone heights are more or less hardcoded into the system by a table or a scale or factor. The wire is bend according to tone-height. A nice chapter in artificial creativity and a proposal as well for the Artbots 2008 festival.

Some months ago I already was very enthusiastic by another video of Ranjit Bhatnagar. It was about a bot called Lev: a kind of theremin playing robot, that was playing a favourite tune.


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French Scientists work on a Chewing Device for Robots

A team of researchers have developed an artificial mouth that chews — for now — apple slices much like a human would. Complete with model teeth and artificial saliva.

Here is the link to the scientific paper published on that.


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