Yellow Drum Machine: Wall-E like music bot plays everything!

I found a very cute robot, that looks and behaves a little bit like WALL-E, but is a complete homebrewed thing. This crazy little buddy moves around and tries to "play" every little thing that comes in his way. Maybe an early sign of new breed of music bots we are wishing for. They do not only play patterns, they keep an eye and have well... character!

Update: Frits Lyneborg did even a new and improved version of this bot. Even with the ability to play and jam along with its creator!


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Let's Make Robots - Social Platform for Robot-Builders

I just found this interesting website Let's Make Robots that seems to be a kind of Instructables for people building robots. The projects and tips they have online are really good.

There are for example people, who show off their robots. But you can also participate on the challenges, browse shops or components, that are suitable for building robots.

If there is a good point on the web in starting out, than this site is for you!

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FlyTech Bladestar from Wowwee

Wowwoo is up with another cool robotic-toy for children or the child in us. The FlyTech Bladestar is basically like a remote controlled helicopter. In addition to it, the Bladestar has some smart abilities. It detects if it hits a wall and changes direction than. It can figure out if it is near objects. This makes it cool for "post-navigate" or "co-navigate" this heli-bot using your hands or other objects. Get the whole experience at the bladestar-webpage.

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Short Movie: Artificial Life - Cells breaking out

This short movie by Raoshey is really demoscene style, entitled "Artificial Life". The ambient soundtrack brings back the goodness of old and early Autechre albums, that we still love so much this days!

Tags: music, short-movie, artificial-life, living-with-robots
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Omni Trio - Artificial Life

Artificial life and music is a fruitful combination. This one is from the drum and bass legends Omni Trio. Silent, relaxed, driving, pushing. The track was released on the album "Even Angels Cast Shadows" on the 13 August of 2001. I think back in the days artificial life maybe was not birth of robots, like we would think of today with recent robo-technologies available. The artists maybe were more into unveiling the "Ghost in the Machine" - the late era of giving birth to electronic music devices.

Tags: music, giving-birth, video, artificial-life
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The ASIMO conducts the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Good ol' Asimo. This mechanical guy now has learned to conduct a symphony orchestra. It is a little bit ironic, because this robot looks and moves so strange in-between natural and mechanic. Watching this plastic-man directing an orchestra well, is at least fun. I like most the camera-point of view from the bottom, where you can see Asimo in full natural effect.

Tags: robot, music, asimo, humanoid
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Intersection Chaos Hanoi

In Hanoi, Taiwan the streets are crowded and very far away from the regularity of our streets. It looks like complete chaos at first sight. But... it's interesting to watch how all this different entities move around individually, although they have different pace, destinations and vehicles. All this chaos shows an inner logic. A fantastic example of human-based swarm behavior with heterogeneous elements.

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