Hard Driving: Bots, Tweets, Sounds

Hard Driving is am art-project, where basically everyone can control some sort of robots via Twitter. You must follow the @harddrivin twitter-account. Now everytime someone tweets, the cars mode. The longer the tweet, the longer the distance of the bots. Tweets with this hashtag #harddriving will cause both cars to move. Not really an interaction, if you ask me.

The installation is somehow inspired by the old Amiga game Hard Drivin'. Someone might remember thouse beautiful vector-graphics.

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IDM-playing Musicrobot

This is "just" an animation, but at every single reader of this Eggshell Robotics blog now every bell should ring. Loud.


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Logo V8-Motor

Impressive! A V8-motor, made of lego parts, capable of doing 1000 rpms. Just listen to the sounds it makes! Totally motoristic style.


Tags: lego, motor, speed
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Kitten got an expression-update

At riot's-soup I found this picture. Well, yes, you say. Alright, this is not the most animal-friendly way to treating kittens, but in a robotic context, it absolutely makes sense! Give your robot an expression-update, just by two bold strokes. Awesome!

Tags: expression, research, kitten
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Some random kinetic art

Today, I was feeling a little bit like kinetic art and stumbled across YouTube. Some interesting works I found:

Tags: art, kinetic, sculpture
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Lego-Bot automatically stacks domino-blocks

Whopee. Useful use for a Lego-robot. It can stack wooden tiles to domino-rows. The design is simple and straightforward without any surprise. Get all details about this project at the website of this Lego-bot.

Tags: domino, lego, automation
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26C3: What living with robots really will be like

CCC-Congress "26C3" in Berlin had an interesting session about the future of machines by BitBang. I can highly recommend to flip the pages of the slides, to get an impression of this vision. I am sure, that the stream session will be published soon.

Download the slides as .pdf. (18MB)

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