Shapeways brings fabbing and 3d-printing for everyone

Shapeways is a first service, that brings internet-based 3d-printing for everyone. Upload your 3d-model and wait ten days. Than the happy postman will deliver your product.


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We moved our URL to

Fellow people! Things are going on. At the second of January 2008 we started this blog as a tool for exploration and wonder, at least for doing research. We had an eggshell-robotics subdomain on our network

But since things are moving on. This blog is appreciated, not only by us, so we decided to move this blog to a full-grown own top-level-domain:

If you linked or bookmarked here... This is absolutely no problem. All old links are and will remain pretty valid and automatically redirect to the new domain.

Should you ever find broken links, please contact me directly.

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Wir sind Helden - Kaputt with broken robot

The well known German band "Wir sind Helden" made an intense use of paper-robots aka tin-bots. They mixed it up with some of those lovely spacey sound effects. The era of tin-bots... Hope you know the story.

The song is about things, that made you broken (=kaputt). About people, search, broken inside, but also the things, that are pretty okay. They tell the story with a robot, but... why did they choose a tin-robot? We also sensed some plastic fan-boys. So seek out!

A very robotic one, isn't it? Enjoy this lovely German charm, with this exciting flowing song. Even if you don't understand the lyrics. Feels very Berlin and.. well. Yes. Just do it!

Update: I found a translation if the lyrics at Suicide Bots

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Evil Mad Scientist remaked Pong on the Oscilloscope

The Evil Mad Scientist hits the street again. They made a great remake form the first "video"game, that was ever made. It's Tennis for Two, a precursor of the game that almost 20 years later got famous under the name Pong. It originally was - well... - "programmed" on an oscilloscope by an engineer, to show off something cool. And so the Evil Mad Scientist did.

What did they use? They used an oscilloscope, an AVR microcontroller and a digital to analog converter.

Using convenient modern electronics, we have designed a functional and playable replica of the original that can be put together by a hobbyist in a couple of evenings.

Oh, you can see the love and the passion in their design.

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Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) designs digitally

The European "Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)" (I think they are from the Netherlands) has released a very interesting video on a project, that shows the designers-side of urban planning.

Ok, you are definitely right if you say: "What does this have in common with robotics?" I can't answer you the question, because it hasn't anything to to with robotics. Apart of the fact, that I more and more figure out that robotics has to get aware of the architectural context it is acting in. Not only home automation or smart houses, but also the urban dimension, smart cities or better described as "moving building parts".

Nevertheless, the video is made great. It shows the beauty of computer generated animation and why you should love to design.


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Nagasaki man build an autonomous digg-robot

First: this is not a real documentation, but a "fake news" video. The story is about a man, who build a robot that automatically diggs stories on the internet, using a camera to detect things on the screen, and a keyboard to digg them. The robot keeps on doing the work, while the man is not at home (similar to the Ready Bot).

The whole thing is fictional, but at least it shows an interesting vision of robotic-internet interaction and of living with robots. It's got a somehow decent style. Let's digg it!


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Floodgates in Japan

The Pink Tentacle blog sometimes really got interesting content. Today I read this article about floodgates, with many interesting pictures, taken by Japanese photographer Sato Jun Ichi. He documented the architecture of floodgates over the last 10 and more years.

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