Utada Hikaru - Can you keep the Secret

(Hint: Watch till end)

Well, compared to this robotic vision from Germany Japan is not only one step ahead, if it comes to cultural integration of robots. Here robots almost play no role at all.

Compared to that, the culture in Japan is full of humanoids, fighting robots, cute robots, care robots, everyday practical robots and so on - and not only as real robots, but also in movies, games, animes and many other cultural products as well.

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Bristlebots - New developments of the crowd

The homebrew engineering makes progress. The first controllable or steerable bristlebots entered the YouTube universe - or better - the homebrew robot community.

This bristlebot uses two servos to make it controllable:

I am not completely sure about this one, but it seems to be the most grown up from a engineering point of view. It also uses two pager motors to change the rotation direction. Another video with some more explanation is available here.

I was just wondering, if it would be possible to use the principle of Gyroscope to realize a controllable Bristlebot with just one pager motor.


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Twitter-speaking Robothead: Ganzbot

This talking Robot from Steve Ganz is a self-made talking robot, that got some nice facial expression features. It basically doesn't use much parts: a box, ardunio-controller, speaker and some servos and LEDs. See the GanzBot-page at Let's make Robots.

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Having practical fun with Gyroscopes

This video presents a robot, that is suitable to work in zero-gravity. It makes use of gyroscope, to give the robot stability. The last scene shows, how you can have practical fun with gyroscopes by using a rotating table, a bicycle wheel and a person.

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Flying Robots in a video contest clip from Moby

What should I say about this video? Computer-generated robots fly through the video makes a woman dance ecstatic. A very simple, but special idea for the Moby video competition.


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Brain Cell / Neuron controlled Robot

Some mad scientists designed a robot, that is being controlled by "rat brain cells". 30.000 brain-neurons are connected to a robot, that navigats thought sonar. The aim of the project is, that the brain-blob should learns to control and navigate the robot. Mad scientists, aren't they?

Like real researches you will have to find some "good" arguments to defend your research. They argue, that the rat-brain and how memory works on some day could give "insights into the Alzheimers deseases". Any questions?

You can watch a video on BBC News

Some technical stuff:

The blob of nerves forming the brain of the robot was taken from the neural cortex in a rat foetus and then treated to dissolve the connections between individual neurons.
Sensory input from the sonar on the robot is piped to the blob of cells to help them form new connections that will aid the machine as it navigates around its pen.

As the cells are living tissue, they are kept separate from the robot in a temperature-controlled cabinet in a container pitted with electrodes. Signals are passed to and from the robot via Bluetooth short-range radio.


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Crabfu - Putter Bot

Independent Robotmaker CrabFu build a robot, that look really independent and professional. It is a minigolfing (putting) robot, that even works in the dark. His head is a light.

To control the robot a remote control is used. With one of the stick you control the head and the golf club, while the other controls the tank movements. With Putter Bot you can easily play and win a game of home golfing, even without getting out of your seat. With a little mounting two Putters should also be able to make some matches sword or ninja-techniques. But before getting into more other things, some technical details about the putter bot.

The tank chassis is a kit from Tamiya, and directly driven from the servo horns. The tread mesh is not perfect, but it works ok. One micro servo is used for the putter, and another one used for the head, and mounted in the back of the Putter Bot, driven through wire linkage. The reason using a linkage system, instead of directly mounting the head/light to the servo, is to lower the head for a better center of gravity... and it just looks cuter with the head down low.

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