Robots and Monsters: Some inspiration ahead!

Inspiration and charity - this is how the "Robots and Monsters" project can be described. Illustrator and designer Joe Alterio put this project into life and launched the project along with some others. You can order an original "illustration-service" by them for 50 bucks. The thing works like this: you give them three keywords like "pink, cute, plumpy" and then select if you want to have a robot or a monster illustration. After that, they will send you the work frames, in order to put it on your wall. So why not take the opportunity, and let the illustrators from flesh and blood assist you on your next robotic challenge?

The money will be given for a good cause. It will go into the funds of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who support freedom in the digital world, fighting against bogus in the patents and copyright world.

At least, there is a nice collection of handdrawn robots and monsters available, they made so far. I think, that this will give every robot-designing enthusiast some neat inspiration. Right at the moment they have almost 200 drawing in the Flickr-Photoset.

If you still head for more inspiration, check out our sidekick-project Found Robots.

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Reverse-Demolition of a Skyscraper

Look at this fascinating technique some clever Japanese engineers developed to deconstruct a skyscraper high building. They just carry away the house from the bottom to the top! First the walls are removed, that are not statically loaded. The columns, that hold the weight of the building then are sloooowwly put down into the ground, this is the critical part I guess, until the next floor is ready to "go".

The poor building looks very unhappy. It seems like the thing is going on and on and on, like a good game of Tetris. Now I don't want to hear anyone saying, that industrial-built houses are not a party of its own. Even they can mature in dignity. If this would be a toy, there would be no problem in re-using the building-parts that are now "free" again, but I suppose architecture always needs fresh material for constructing new houses.


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Rapid-prototyped mechanical works by Alex Schlegel

Alex Schlegel from the US has an interesting portfolio. He makes works in between digital, the net and mechanical works. This here are two works of "mechanical movements". They are rapid-prototyped studies of works from Henry T. Brown's 1868 published book Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements.

The fluid and surprising motion make me really curious to dig deeper into the history of things. Alex found this words for it:

I think mechanical devices such as these are appealing on an emotional level because they are alive (where "life" is elegant movement that follows rules), but they are a form of life that we can understand in its entirety.

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WAR: Weapons against Robots

We are still at the beginning of an uprising robot culture, but there are already people who declare a "War against Robots". Ok. That's not really true. To be more precise: To defend against robots, just in the case of...

A man called Ben Way founded a security company to defend against hostile robots. The UK-based company "Weapons against Robots" has two concepts of defending. That is "Autonomous-Against-Autonomous (AAA)" and "Biological-Against-Autonomous (BAA)" They say, that they already research into the direction of a "Microwave-Bomb" with the ability erases electronic circuits. Let's hope that we will never face a future like this. But don't you also think, that the guys are really early on the market?


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Snail Bot: Cute homebrewed robot

The first thing that comes into mind: "What a special design." There aren't that much information upon this homebrewed robot from the Let's Make Robots Community. But it seems, that Anthony "Ant" made the Snail Bot while waiting for new parts. He writes: "Made this one while waiting for my servos from China (about 6 weeks now)." He made a clever use of the constraints of missing parts.

The bot behaves a little strange, isn't optimized and unfortunately Anthony also thinks of disassembling the guy again: "I've found the tamiya tracks aren't up to the task, so I don't think he'll last too long before being recycled." Unlucky cute little robot. Anyway, you can see more pictures of this interesting robot and a video at Let's make robots.


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The Trons: First robot band!

Here it is! The first more or less official robot band. I must confess, that I am kind of jealous, because we played around with ideas like that for months now, but didn't had the time to realize it.

Nevertheless, The Trons are great. It is an indie-band from New Zealand, made by the musician Greg Locke. The music is mostly about "3-chords and simple drums". Also the keyboard-robot isn't extremely busy while doing his work, but the result is really, really interesting and outstanding, or how my blog colleges would say: creepy!

A very interesting concept with still much, much room for improvements. Thanks to Robot-Living for the hint. Let there be music!


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Fantastic Contraption - physics-based game similar to The Incredible Machine

Ohh, I love those physics-based games. Isn't there any more fun to get into constructing and engineering?

Fantastic Contraption consist of various level. Each one a puzzle to solve. Your aim is to transport a spacial ball into a field marked "goal". To do so, you have to polish your constructing skills. Make use of rods, "water lines" and rotating elements, to craft your design. You also can save your models and share it with your friends. If I remember it right, then the game is also equipped with a level editor. To get a quick idea how this works, see this level we solved. This is no rocket science, but it works. Our beloved car has some, but not much trouble solving bridging the gap.

We also had similar pieces of software featured at Eggshell Robotics, like Sodaplay, Light Bot, Stormbaancoureur, Gene Pool and Phun. We also try to collect them in our wiki under tools. Interested people also browse Eggshell Robotics by the tag play or physics.


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