Revolution in organic robotics from Tokyo

Well, this project indeed makes a difference. A totally new approach in doing robotics is being worked at the University of Tokyo, just right at the moment. Not only the shapes of the robots, but also the behaviour and the screaming colors are derived from primitive organic monsters, that live under the sea. They look like toys, but if you inspect the pictures carefully, you see how big they really are! For me, this project is nothing less, than the begin of a new era in robotics. Well done Mr. Yoichiro Kawaguchi!

Pink Tentacle writes.

Kawaguchi and his team are developing a basic reflex system for the primitive artificial life forms, as well as a visual processing system equipped with eyes that recognize and instinctively track certain objects. (...) With a more thorough understanding of how primitive life forms survive, the researchers believe they can provide robots with a better ability to move, hunt, sense danger, and escape. (...) If all goes according to schedule, they will have a fully functional robot in two years.

There are more pictures available on Pink Tentacle and Robot Watch.


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Peugeot Commercial with Robots in the City

This is a cool, full length commercial from Peugeot, combining a somehow human-less, but atmospheric city scape, with some really weird robots. I think we all can agree on, that the most boring thin in this video is the car.


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Let's Make Robots is starting over

New things, new things. Let's make robots just introduced its new logo-artwork, that makes certain things sure. They claim "All LMR are belong to us". Clean statement. Just like we did... They turned one! Happy Birthday!!

Just for the critics... I am not totally sure, if the sentence really keeps on having a good feel of the right pronunciation, but as native European speaker... Who am I to judge? In fact "All LMR belong to us" is nothing less, than a hommage to an insiders joke of a vintage computing game. Keep on to the things.


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Exyzt VJ Crew / Etienne de Crecy - Hologramic Live Visuals

Look at this elaborate visual design! It's a stage-VJ design, made by the Exyzt VJ Crew for Etienne de Crecy. I was just wondering, if this is a hologram-technique they used? The visual impact is enormous. And Etienne seems to have much fun in his little "stage cubicle".


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Thing-a-day: knit cook draw paint tape solder write install destroy invent document

On Thing-A-Day you can be part of a special, community driven makers experience. The topic is about making things share it with others on a daily basis throughout the February. In other words... experiment and fun with people who like to do so. I got the hint via Ranjit "Moonmilk" Bhatnagar. In his newsletter he wrote:

Last year I ended up making a musical instrument every day-- it was a fun challenge and I learned a lot! You don't have to sign up and post on, but last year I found that it was a good motivator and fun to trade comments with other participants, and I met some great people through thing-a-day too.

The good news are, that he will contribute this year again on Thing-A-Day. His special motto is "Instrument-A-Day". You can have a look at the instruments Moonmilk made in Feb 2008 on his blog.

Thing he made in February 2008


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Rex the Dog - Bubblicious

Good, this is "just" a music video. Also not exactly about robots. But it shows really good, how the robot-building process should look like, and also how it is done: create characters, not machines!


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Old Robots Website: valuable archive of toybots

Vintage toys, vintage bots! I encourage you, to linge across this website, with a good collection of old toy-robots. And lots of good ideas ahead, because most of the things you will find in the online-museum were sooner or later turned into commercial, toy or industrial robots. Look for example at this early platform Omnirobot and compare it to this robotic mobility platform from Segway. You see the differences?

As you will see, the Omnibot was guaranteed the most important toy-bot back in the days. I can remember dreaming of this robot for months in my childhood days.

The old-robots archive is a good source for researchers and robotic designers, so why not take the chance to dive into good old wisdom?


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