Current research into robotic development

Well, well, well. Robots are evolving. Who had known.. Yes, but it is so. To give you an small insight into recent developments, you definitely check out this pictures on

Also the German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to be upfront, evidence by posing with robot. I also want to highlight the underwater RoboLobster, the Wakamaru humanoids, as well as the hobby inventor Wu Yulu robot. And, nah... I still dislike the medical and operation simulation robots.


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LEGO: New black NXT-Block

Lego-people, I really love you. This here is the new NXT Black Block. It clearly shows, into what direction Lego is wandering. It is not only about the sexy new black NXT Block, that popped up on my screen, but also the rumours about the fake-blog of the Lego-CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp making noise. The edition of the black will also be cheaper than the regular NXT and limited. Only 1998 pieces will be around.

And now, as you have seen this shiny and elegant brick, let's look, what you can to with it in action. Yes, it's multi-cannon (remote-controlled) robot! Aaah.... Better watch out.


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Ohio University Ice-serving Kuka-robot

Well, what? An industrial robot serving ice-cream? Yes. Somehow. I bet the 26 students of the Ohio Northern University had lots of fun in contributing at this project. They build, or better say, programmed one of these Kuka-robots, in order to serve ice-cream with different toppings and a spoon. Fun project indeed, but the robot moves so academic.

Somehow this Kuka-robots mostly always send me a shiver down my spine. They move so slow - as would they always be in self-control in order to not rage over the production hall and take the command of it.

The ice-serving bot: Apart from the fact, that this project seemed to be outstanding fun for the students, why did they build a waiter-robot - and not a robot, that does the ice-cream himself? Give the robots more respect and production abilities, instead of just simulating human.


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Nerdcore visits General Robots

The popular German blog(er) Nerdcore visited the Berlin-based toy-robot shop General Robots. I ordered a robot there last year - call them dealer.

Read the small report on Nerdcore, and why this shop is a cool thing. Sorry for the non-German speakers: the report is in Germany. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures. Hope to meet you some day!

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Kronoform Robot Time Machine + Robot Performance

Simply wow. Two extremely wicked and interesting robot-videos. Check them out!

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Drawings: Three new robots a week

If you did not already experienced creative practises like deliberate following own rules, or strict dedication to one topic - you should try it! Just like Chris Grine does with his project "165 Robots with stuff". Chris will draw 3 new robots every week, resulting in 165 small explorations into the known and unknown world of robot-stories and personality. Similar projects: Thing-a-day and Robots and Monsters.


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Command Line Sudo-Sandwich Robot

Well, inspired by xkcd-kid, Bre Bettis and Adam Cecchetti made a functional sandwich-making robot, that can be operated by the command line.

One again. This is the source of inspiration:

And this the resulting robot:

A good method, to get ideas for new robots.

PS: While you are already there, take a look at the Adams Hacker Latte Express recipes.


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