Tutorial for finding obstacles with camera vision

A good illustrated set of tutorials with various techniques for using "robotic vision" was published on the robot realm. Incremental step by step processing of the pixel-array, that is supplied by the robotic camera, can get useful interpretated data, helping the robot to get an orientation in the surroundings. Tutorials include for example "get the highest obstacle-free point".


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Bodily Human Robot Interaction

A cool idea of interaction with robots had researchers from the Brown University Robotics Group. They figured out some gestures - also with the whole body - to send commands to the robot. The signs are interpreted by a camera and gesture-recognition. A fist toggles the robot to "wait here". Another command means "go on and wait for me". The scenario on the video looks a little bit clumsy, but the future is at hand. Robots can become mates, able to "intuitively" follow us. "Mission Impossible" can come.

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Kacey Wong: Homeless Urban Shelter Robot

Robots as urban artifacts - a topic, that was made popular in culture by Futurama-robot Bender. And it is an important topic in some practical manner and art as well. This artist Kacey Wong says, that he constantly got his inspiration from the mysterious and surrealistic city of Hong Kong, where he lives. Most of his works are in an architectonical or urban context and have "shelters" as topic. Once decided to build a robot-shelter.

It is a "classic tin-robot" made of wood, that you can unfold into an urban bed or small place, to make the inhabitation of the street a lot more convenient. On other words: a robot, that hides a small resting-place for humans inside. As I once said: tin-robots are incredibly good in storing things inside their bodies.


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NeXTSTORM Lego Robots

You must visit the site from NeXTSTORM. The Lego-creations shown there are absolutely unique. Some feature the NXT-bot, other are "just ordinary" lego-creations, like unveiling structures or rebuild motor-engine mechanics. Advanced stuff. Enought said. Watch the videos!


Tags: indoor, play, lego, structure, nxt
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Yatterman: Robo-Dawg Movie

A robot movie was released in Japan, and I don't even want to try to explain the story or what is going on there, like the colleagues of BotJunkie. It is about an extraordinary robot dog, a service or rescure-robot. The movie went premier this week in Japan. It somehow a movie from a vintage japaneese TV-series.

I think I even could enjoy this movie in this foreign language, that I do not understand - and it would be still a great movie. The trailer looks fresh and promising. The music is good, catchy. Yatterman-Website. Wikipedia.

This is another remake from January 2008:


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Sliding House in Suffolk UK

Houses with movable parts haven't been much there. There were some with interactive facade-elements, but not with really movable parts of the building. Today I found this on the net: The Sliding House. A relative little motor moves complete parts of the building around on a rail. Therefore you can customize your building and reflect inner moods or just get a "better picture" of the beautiful nature around you. That house is not "smart" in the sense of having interactive computers, that take control of the building (which is a good thing I think).

A structure that has the ability to vary or connect the overall building's composition and character according to season, weather or simply a desire to delight.

Feel free to browse the architecture on Eggshell Robotics to get a little more inspiration.

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Own work: Little annoyed robot

I made a little robot-work with my moniker scnclr.de. I am thinking about doing a series of flash-explorations into colorful and interactive world of robots. And eventually will post results from time to time. PS: It's interactive. Try to click the robot.


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